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Maintaining Cleanliness in the Workplace with Professional Cleaners

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How do you practice care and sanitation in the workplace? Companies, businesses, and firms are making cleanliness and organisation at work a priority. It is essential to establish a working environment that is safe for every employer, employee, and client. You can achieve this with the help of professional office cleaners to remove dust, dirt, and rubbish away from the office or your whole workplace.

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Cleanliness at work

Does your workplace do regular thorough cleaning? If yes, that’s wonderful! If not, you or your employer should hire office cleaners to do the job of cleaning every nook and cranny.

Here are the tasks that cleaning professionals are expected to do, based on the services you avail from them:

  1. Contract cleaning – This is a type of cleaning available for large and small establishments. Aged care centres, for example, would need aged care cleaners who provide basic cleaning services on an agreed contract, like a one-time contact or one that is schedules. These basic cleaning services include floor cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other hands-on cleaning services.
  1. Maintenance of workplace – In some cases, cleaning is not a one-time chore. It is defined as maintenance of a property or a workplace. It may be done daily or weekly to ensure care and sanitation. Recurring cleaning services, like carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and high pressure cleaning are common for commercial uses.
  1. Property maintenance – If your workplace is a big concrete space, a tile and grout cleaning company can help you maintain its beauty and structure. The jurisdiction of your property, including the garden, car park, and even the gate area, will be cleaned and maintained with professional cleaners on duty.

Doing your part

However, you should not let professional office cleaners do simple waste management for you. Dust, dirt, and rubbish can easily accummulate. It is brought by people coming in and out of the workplace. Here are 3 tips to clean the workplace while the professional cleaners are away:

  1. Have a rubbish bin installed inside the office or under your desk – Practicing proper waste management leads to less cleaning done by the professional cleaners. Not only that, but you and your team will also be able to keep your workplace clean and organised without paper waste, paper cups on the table, or plastic candy wrappers lying on the ground.
  2. Bring wet wipes or tissue to clean your desk and other dusty surfaces – You have two hands to use for a lot of purposes other than working because they’re for cleaning, too. Wet wipes and tissue can be used for wiping dusty surfaces, like desks, tables, chairs, and windows. Don’t wait until the whole place gets filled with dirt and dust.
  3. When something spills on the floor, wipe it with tissue or mop the floor – Spills that are left unattended are dangerous. They can harm someone because of the risk of slipping. You can wipe spills with tissue or mop the floor. Wash your hands afterwards.

Trusted Australian cleaning service

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Why the Right Water Filter Makes a Huge Difference

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Installing a water filtration system in your home is a good idea. It gives you clean drinking water at any time and without you having to depend on water delivery services for your daily water needs. Unfortunately, not all water filter products are the same and not all types of water can be properly filtered by all of the filters available.

There are some filters that can effectively remove all the contaminants that come with hard water. There are also some that can only remove specific chemicals to improve the taste but not water quality. Still, a few water filter options remove microorganisms and minerals but don’t remove chemicals like chlorine.

How do you choose the right filtration method? You first need to learn about the different kinds of filters that are available and what each one can do. To help you out, here are the basics:

Activated carbon – This is the type of filter that is effective in removing the smell and flavour of chlorine from your water. Some types can also remove lead and mercury from the water. What it cannot remove however are inorganic pollutants. These include fluoride, nitrates, and arsenic, to name a few.

Distillation – Considered an oldie but a goodie, this water filtration process uses evaporation and condensation as its water cleansing process. While this process can remove some chemicals, microorganisms, and minerals, it cannot filter out volatile chemicals and chlorine.

Deionization and ion exchange – This is often the water filter of choice by those who have hard water issues. While these two methods can soften water, these cannot kill bacteria or viruses.

Reverse osmosis – One of the most popular filters around is this method that is used by lots of homes. These filters remove large harmful molecules from your drinking water. These are considered more effective than carbon filters but are unable to remove chlorine from the water.

Aside from the types of filters that you can choose from, you can also choose the water filter you can use at home. These include the following:

Faucet mounted – This is the most commonly used filter in homes. It’s one of the easiest to use and install.

On-counter – As the name implies, these filters are found on top of your kitchen counter. These are also connected to your faucet. The difference between these and faucet-mounted ones is you can switch from filtered to non-filtered water with this type.

Pitcher – These are pitchers that come with filters inside them and can be chilled inside your refrigerator. These are used to remove some of the more common contaminants and improve water flavour.

Under-sink – This is another filter that is connected to your water source, the only difference is instead of being attached to the faucet, it’s attached to the waterline.

How to Choose the Right One

To choose the right filtration method, you have to consider your needs. Do you need filtered water straight from the tap? Do you require the ability to switch from filtered to non-filtered water? To make the right choice, enumerate what you expect from a filter and choose from there. You can also ask the advice of experts like the people at Filpure.  Visit them at to see what filters they have for you.

4 Tips To Find The Right Office Cleaning Partnera

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Whether you are the employer or an employee, nobody wants a messy and dirty workplace.

And not only does it prevents workers from being productive or causing sickness, a cluttered workplace also leaves a bad impression on guests and clients.

So, while your business focuses on growing and being more productive, leave it to a professional cleaning company to sanitize and de-clutter your workplace!

So, how do you fight the right one?

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  1. Experience + Reputation

In every business, trust is the key ingredient.

And even more so when looking for the cleaning company to partner with for quality services and reliable offers.

A professional commercial cleaning Melbourne business will be responsible for your workplace’s environment and employee’s health.

They will ensure that your company is neat and uncluttered that can impress guests and clients. Plus, the cleaning service they provide will ensure that your workers are staying in a hygienic workspace and boost productivity.

So, how to check for trustworthiness?

Experience. Find a partner that is well established in your area and have years of experience serving other companies and industries.

Also, you can check their reputation through references. A reputable commercial cleaning company will have no problem sharing you with references to vouch for their expertise.

  1. Highly Trained Employees

Being an organization themselves, a commercial cleaning Sydney company also hire their employees.

However, a reliable company will hire only the most trustworthy and qualified employees. Plus, they will provide the necessary training in order to ensure the safety and quality of their services. See more at Planet Earth Cleaning Company

So, when choosing a partner cleaning company, you also need to know how they hire and train their employees.

Does the company made background checks?

Are federal hiring laws followed?

Are they trained?

Who trained them?

Is there a re-training for their employees?

  1. The Services

The next thing you’ll have to consider is the services that the cleaning company offers.

Do they offer you what you need?

It won’t make sense hiring a window cleaning service when you are looking for janitorial services.

While there are companies specializing only in some services, most cleaning companies offer multiple services, eliminating the need to hire several companies.

Some of the office cleaning services Melbourne companies offer include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Hard floor Surface Maintenance
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Mold and Water Damage Restoration
  1. Insurance and Liability

What if a cleaner broke something in your office? What if they steal something from the employees?

Sure accidents happen. Situations may arise.

But, you don’t want to be liable for such accidents and situations.

So, before you partner with a cleaning company and sign a contract, you need to check if they have the appropriate insurance policies in place.

A decent cleaning company will always have a fully insured status— umbrella liability, general liability, commercial theft, auto and bonding insurances, worker compensation and more.

Don’t look too far: Partner with a professional cleaning company like and enjoy a decluttered, sparkling, hygienic and productivity-boosting workplace.