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Glass Skylight Features Made Easy and Simple

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If you’re buying cheap Velux skylights, it’s hard to choose the best skylight because of the many features of every product. To be honest, most skylight features are too technical to read. Most people don’t find these features easily understandable.

Let’s say you’re buying an openable skylight. The product says that it is a skylight with a high VLT rating and a low shading coefficient.

Here’s a quick question. Did you understand the description?

If no, then this article will explain to you some skylights features that you might encounter in the future.

Things might get too technical, but everything will be explained in layman’s terms.

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Ratings used in skylight windows

Manufacturers test their products using ratings. These ratings determine the skylight’s performance in light transmission, heat gain, and heat flow.

  • Visual light transmittance (VLT). The VLT is the measure of light entering through a glazing material. The higher the VLT, the more light can pass through the window
  • U-Factor. It is the measure of heat flow by quantifying the convection, conduction, and convection of heat.
  • Shading Coefficient. It is the measure of solar heat gain from direct sunlight that passes through the window.
  • R-Value. It is the measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow.
  • UV Blockage. The material can block ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Using the ratings in buying skylights

Now that you know the technical definitions of the terms, here are the simplified definitions of these ratings.

When you look at cheap Velux skylight features, check the VLT first. If you want more light entering your house, choose a high VLT skylight. However, if you prefer a tinted and non-glazing skylight, a lower VLT skylight must be your choice.

After the VLT rating, check out the U-Factor and the R-Value. If you want your Velux electric opening skylight to keep the heat out, you should choose a higher U-Factor.

Imagine it this way. If you have a low U-Factor, the heat can be trapped inside your house. This rating is beneficial during winter because it can help in warming the house.

On the other hand, the R-Value is the skylight’s insulation factor. A high R-Value means that the material can resist heat flow. In other words, it insulates better.

After that, choose your desired shading coefficient and UV blockage. The shading coefficient filters certain rays of light entering the window.

Imagine a rainbow. If the rainbow passes through a skylight with a high shading coefficient, not all colours in the spectrum will pass through. Some will bounce back.

In effect, it will create a “shade” and reduce the light’s brightness.

Moreover, UV blockage is a filter that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. A higher UV blockage rating is preferred in all cases.

Being a wise buyer

Aside from knowing these ratings, knowing where to buy Velux skylights is important. Always buy skylights from legitimate distributors. Avoid counterfeit products.

Your knowledge in these ratings will serve no purpose if you buy fake skylights. Thus, be watchful of sellers and their products.

Now that you know how to interpret the ratings, buy cheap Velux skylights at Skylights Online. Aside from affordable skylights, they sell high-quality and original products. So, visit their site now at

A Complete Verandah Retreat Comes with Outdoor Blinds

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Whether you want to enjoy the fresh breeze of air during summer or take delight as you watch the kids play snow during winter, you can do all these at the comfort of your property’s verandah. This special home feature is much beloved by Australian homeowners. Verandahs make for a perfect spot to appreciate the outdoors without the actual need to go out.

However, chilling out at your home’s verandah doesn’t leave you exempted from sun exposure. That is why it is recommended to have blinds installed at your verandah. This is to ensure you’ll still receive protection while relaxing. Have a good time at your verandah without worrying about the protection you need by getting Ziptrak blinds.

Why Do I Need Outdoor Blinds for My Verandah?

When it comes to home design, individuals usually focus on indoor window treatments. If you are one of them, don’t miss out on the wonders outdoor window treatments can bring to your residence. Not only do they give you protection but they also contribute to your dwelling’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Installing verandah blinds at home can shield you from the scorching heat of the sun and harmful ultraviolet radiation. This kind of window treatment can also help shade your winds to give your home a cooler effect. On top of that, they help filter the air to minimise the entry of dust to your home. You and your family can also rest easy knowing that rain can’t easily enter in – thanks to exterior blinds.

Outdoor blinds Melbourne businesses provide a wide selection of patterns and colours to choose from. Surely, you’ll be able to find one that will perfectly suit the look of your property. Impress your guests with a design that reflects your personal style!

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Blinds for Your Needs?

Establish your main purpose as to why you’ll want to have alfresco outdoor blinds installed. The next step is to think about the weather conditions in your area. These factors are essential when deciding which material you should choose.

Ziptrak blinds come in different materials. PVC material allows you to still have clear exterior views from your perspective. In Australia, a popular material choice is Mesh. It welcomes air and helps spread it through your outdoor area. Canvas is also a good option that offers high levels of UV protection.

Lastly, you may want to consider how you want to operate your exterior blinds. Some prefer to go with the classic approach, such as cords, ropes and pulleys. For a more convenient experience, electronic-controlled outdoor blinds are also available in the market today.

Your Reliable Source of Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne

Furnish your verandah with outdoor blinds from Crystal Image Blinds. This company is a trusted partner of Ziptrak blinds. They make custom-made blinds and awnings with the highest standards. For your complete satisfaction, they offer factory direct wholesale prices. No matter what your vision for an exterior blind is, with their help, they can make it come true. Schedule an initial consultation with them by going to