Sexual Harassment Scars Children for Life, Poses Extreme Psychological Effects


The world has become crueller as more cases of sexual harassment have been recorded. The worst part is, people, know no limits to their heinousness. One of the worst crimes to have ever been committed is indecency with a child.

indecency with a child

This crime is legally defined as the erotic exploitation of a child. Whether it is physically or emotionally, it is subject to serious penalties. Some criminals think they can get away with sexual abuse because there was no “sexual contact” with the child. Little do they know that sexual abuse comes in many forms. It even includes child pornography.

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Psychologists have concluded that there are several effects to being subject to sexual harassment as children. The symptoms can range from withdrawal from society to sociological hyperactivity. Here are some of the outcomes of indecency with a child.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This is the most common effect of indecency with a child. This is characterised by hypervigilance, mistrust, recurring nightmares, and tendency to relive the traumatic experience. Because of PTSD, people are prone to substance abuse and alcohol abuse.

Others are recorded to experience eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorders. Without psychological interventions, a person could remain dysfunctional for life.

Even if criminals say, “It’s just for the camera and no sexual contact happened,” this still poses as a threat to the psychological health of children. If you know someone who has been using children for pornography, contact a child pornography attorney and settle this matter in court.


When children are subject to sexual abuse, there is a great chance they feel “dirty” about themselves. Looking at the mirror alone can disgust them. They don’t want to be in their bodies anymore. Because of this shame and discomfort, people develop depression.

Unlike typical sadness, depression is more than just pain, it also involves feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and frustration. If this happens, a person is prone to suicide which is a leading cause of death worldwide. Sexual abuse is not just a phase that a child can forget. It imprints a negative connotation to the self. This leads to a deadly case of depression.

Social anxiety

Social anxiety is a form of the disorder that inhibits a person from socializing with others. When children experienced sexual abuse, they are scarred for the rest of their life. Getting in contact with other people makes them relive the trauma they experienced. They fear that other people will take advantage of this vulnerability.

If this is not tended by a psychologist, their distorted thoughts could worsen, leading to worse psychological complications. They will start to fear everything that involves socialisation such as grocery shopping, going to school, going to work, and many more. They start to live with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Do you see? Sexual harassment is not a joke. It impacts the lives of the children it victimizes. Stop this heinous crime now! Send a message to culprits that they are not above the law.

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