Harley Davidson Maintenance: Where Should You Start?

Working on your motorcycle can be a joy. It has therapeutic qualities and at the same time benefits that will give you peace of mind when riding. You can leave the Harley first service to the pros, but you can also slowly learn the basics of it should you wish to perform some DIY here and there. With that, we kick-start your motorcycle maintenance journey with the essentials:

Basic wear and tear

Even long-time Harley Davidson owners find its mechanics a bit too complex, which makes the Harley first service a great stepping stone for you to learn how your machine works. The motor is propelled by a series of belts, shafts, and chains, all of which need to be properly maintained to perform at its best. Check belt and chain tension. These are some of the parts that receive the most wear during a ride so keep a close eye on each one.

Next up are the tyres. Worn out tyres can easily change the behaviour of a motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson service centre Brisbane branch reiterates that you should check your tyres before riding. Start with the tyre pressure. An overinflated tyre can cause you to slip on the road while an underinflated tyre can make your bike sluggish and more difficult to handle at turns. With that, you might want to check on your tyre tread every few thousand miles. The tyre manufacturer usually recommends the total mileage a tyre can take before it needs replacement, so make sure you consult with your local dealership or professionals.

Many have a common misconception that bike maintenance costs an arm and a leg. However, upon looking through countless Harley Davidson service cost Australia reviews, it does prove to be relatively cheap as long as you keep up with routine maintenance.

Braking system

The brake pads also fall under the basic wear and tear but mind you that the braking system is more than just replacing the pads. You never want your brakes to fail at the most inconvenient of times. If you search “Harley Davidson service near me”, most of their initial inspections cover the braking system. To prevent brake failure, be sure to inspect your brake fluid levels, the lines, the rotors, and the brake pistons. Experts recommend that you keep a bottle of brake fluid in storage should you need to top off your fluids.


Give your filters a quick do-over every once in a while. When these filters get clogged with dirt, it can affect the motor’s performance. The Harley first service usually covers both of these filters to ensure that the motor is free from any debris. If you feel or hear that the motor has difficulty pulling, the filters remain the first culprit here. Additionally, consider using higher octane fuel as Ethanol-heavy fuels can cause build-ups in the tank when stagnant.

Proper motorcycle care is imperative for all motorcycle owners. If you’re looking for a general idea of the expenses that comes with these amazing motorcycles, do get in touch with for a clearer view of maintenance costs and the latest Harley Davidson motorcycles.