Ingenious Ways To Cut Down Your Printing Costs At Work

The Reader’s Choice Awards 2016 is out for printers, listing the best and the most efficient printers, including models needing the lowest percentage of repairs, like Brother printer repairs. Printers are still an office essential, however, for smaller businesses the cost of maintaining one or getting one repaired by a professional or a brother printer repairs service is still considered costly.

brother printer repairsThe following suggestions may help you cut down your printing costs for your business and use your equipment more efficiently.

Saving Paper

Not only will you help reduce the obvious impact on the environment, you can also save a lot of money by being intelligent about saving the amount of printing paper you use. A lot of employees may have been using printers since they were probably in school, however, printer jams and unforeseen ink disasters lead to hiring professionals that offer services of bother printer repairs service to save your laser printer for future use.

Double Sided Printing

You should encourage saving paper by printing duplex, which is a fancy term for double sided printing. Some printers might require you to physically flip your pages over and that can be a bit taxing during a busy work day. But, it will save you from wasting a perfectly blank side of your paper.

Print Preview

A trick that has not been embraced by those less technically savvy, you can use your ‘print preview’ option on your system to monitor what you need to print and what might be excess. With the shrink-to-fit option you can reduce the number of pages your final print project may require. This also saves you unnecessary blank pages that may get wasted in the process and frustrating jams that may require you to fix your printer by brother printer repairs professionals.


Another intelligent way to reduce your printing output is the kind of font you choose for your project. Things like flyers may need rich font or text that takes up a lot of space. You can consider simpler fonts which are better for office circulation or formal letters. Century Gothic and Times Roman are considered the most space saving and legible font options on most writing software.

Web Printing

If your company requires printing research or data from the internet for clients or in house statistics, the smarter method is to only print web text. Even publishing houses save on in-house data research by avoiding printing out unnecessary pictures, while maintaining the integrity of the information by citing websites they have taken their research from.

Choosing The Right Device

With a range of printers available in all prices and shapes, you may want to stick to a laser printer. Laser printers will save you money in the long run since inkjet printers do not use the best methods to preserve ink. Although ink jet printers may cost more upfront, it is significantly more economic when you calculate how much ink you will need to run it and can be efficiently repaired by experts like a bother printer repair company.

Print Smart

Since printing on a daily basis is a high ongoing cost, printers are available on the market that help you determine the printing cost per page. This way you would be able to budget well in advance and add it to your ink, paper and repairing through professionals that offer services of brother printer repairs in Sydney area. It will also help if your printer model has checks in place to save energy as well.

Although daily printing is an unavoidable recurrence for most businesses, you can shop around for the best model that suits your printing needs and check out sites like