Motorcycle Riding Made Easier With the RAM Mount

Easy navigation is what motorcycle riders look for, and that is why a motorcycle handlebar mount is added to the list of rider essentials. One trusted brand that most riders swear by is the RAM mount motorcycle X-Grip. Whether you need your phone to display your GPS or answer calls, motorcycle mounts will make your riding life easier.

For those of you who rely on your phones for satellite navigation, having a sturdy mount with ample vibration dampening is important. Long-distance riders always have their maps on for bike tours and having the power to check the route in a glance while riding is practical.

With the growing number of brands and models you can choose from, we look at one that receives high praise from the community, which is the Ram X-Grip. This accessory combines basic functions and simple mechanics. There’s no need to go through complicated installation processes with this mount. The way the X-Grip is designed puts ease of use in mind.

The X-Grip gives you a clear view of your device when it’s mounted. Unlike most of its competitors, the RAM mount motorcycle division ensures that nothing obstructs your device. There are no latches that get in the way of the screen. Simply open the stainless-steel arms, insert the rubber tether, and clamp your device. The X-Grip also adjusts according to the size of your device.

Opposite the stainless-steel arms, the accessory features a ball and socket bracket which reduces vibration and offers unlimited adjustability should you need to tilt the screen and find the optimum viewing angle. This is done with a tightening screw you can loosen with your hand.

The designer’s approach to the X-Grip is unparalleled. This draws more riders towards the RAM mount motorcycle line for their devices. If you’re looking to attach your phone or even a smaller tablet to your bike, these are reliable enough to handle your devices even at high speeds. Sure, it’s scary for mounts to fail at the worst of times but the RAM mount motorcycle team guarantees the safety of your devices.

So should you buy one? Definitely. Having your device mounted in front of you saves time as well. You don’t have to pull over and check your phone if you need to review your route. The mount will make your life easier. And with the stainless-steel arms, you can take your phone from the mount with ease. This is perfect if you have to park your bike for a few minutes. Just open the cradle arms, the rubber tether, and pull your device out of the clamp.

Other than the X-Grip, you can also change the attachment. If you plan on using an action camera for your rides, RAM mount also offers mounts available for GoPro and similar cameras. You can get multiple mounts for both your phones and camera too as long as your handlebar can accommodate it.

Ultimately, the RAM mount proves itself as a staple accessory in the motorcycle industry. If you wish to look at the different attachments and mounts Ram has to offer, visit and browse through their RAM mounts collection.