What Is LSZH Compound All About?

An LSZH compound can be a perfect type of plastic to have in your wires and cables. LSZH compound manufacturers are proud to offer a variety of great materials to use so you can keep your items protected when heat comes about. This is a plastic material you can use in your workplace if you need to use plastics for cables but you are in an environment where heat is generated and you don’t want to risk letting off potentially dangerous gases.

lszh compound

What Is LSZH?

LSZH low smoke zero halogen compounds are materials designed without the use of dangerous halogenated materials like florine, chlorine and iodine. This means that the compound will not become corrosive or otherwise toxic over time. This ensures that the compounds will maintain strength and work for long after they are installed.

The thermoplastic materials used in LSZH compounds will emit little to no smoke when they are exposed to heat. Halogen is not going to be emitted either. This in turn allows energy to flow through without potentially risking any nearby properties.

This can be prepared in many places but it is specifically made with wires and cables in mind. This can come in many thickness ratings and can come in different colours as desired. You can get full control over the option you want to use.

Useful Applications

Seeing how this compound is not going to overheat, it is no surprise that this plastic is used in wires and cables. It is used in the jackets for these cables to keep them protected and to prevent problems relating to smoke and halogen from developing.

This is critical for cases where a fire or other intense amount of heat may come about. A fire can cause traditional PVC or polyethylene materials to let off harmful halogen gases.

With that in mind, the LSZH compound will work in environments where ventilation is poor. These include rail cars, airplanes, tunnels and other spaces with close-knit quarters. The need to keep people safe when this is being used is critical and must be analyzed with care.

Ideal For Many Industries

The ship building and rail industries are both places where LSZH can be perfect in. The threat of toxic gas in these industries is increased due to the heat generated in such spaces. The LSZH plastic can be added to the region to keep from letting off gases and to keep heat in its place.

How Much Heat?

This compound is not going to burn up all that easily. It has characteristics that show that it will not melt even when a consistent amount of heat generated by typical machines is produced. In particular, this can last in conditions of up to 105 degrees Celsius in many cases. This is good enough for most of your business’ needs and will also be a flame retardant component. This temperature limit works for just about all LSZH applications.

You can certainly use the LSZH compound in your workplace if you need wires and cables that won’t become dangerous in hot conditions. You can check with S&E Specialty Polymers at to learn more about what you can get out of these materials.